Air Frieght

A broad and highly-qualified worldwide network of representatives makes Lid Storage & Post one of the most efficient and safe forwarding and Storage companies.
We have built close relationships with leading airline companies so that efficiency and speed are ensured.
As representatives of major international civil aviation operators, we can provide quality service to any commercial location regulated by IATA.

Such service, based on efficiency and speed, is supported by our structure and by strategically positioned networks, ensuring the success of our logistic circuit.


Door-to-door import and export services
Airport-to-airport service from and to any IATA international airport
Import and export consolidations
Pick up, delivery and storage at any international location
Class rate services and assistance: shipments of valuable articles, perishables,
human remains, live animals and special commodities
Personal effects movement services and assistance
Restricted goods transport services and assistance
Cutting-edge products for special packaging
Inbond cargo and free zone movements


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