Lid Storage Price List


Unit DescriptionsWhat fits hereFloor sizeDimensionsPrices
¼ Garage unit This new exciting size fits most sports equipment and is great for overflow books and boxes. 4.5m² 1.5m X 3.0m X 2.75m $390.00
1/3 Garage unit When you just need a little more space. Washing machine, fridge, small couch and double bed. You will even have space for some boxes. 6.0m² 2.0m X 3.0m X 2.75m $470.00
½ Garage unit Ideal for the sports enthusiast and is great for overflow goods in your home. Also fits 1 bedroom flat. 9.0m² 3.0m X 3.0m X 2.75m $550.00
2/3 Garage unit 2 bedroom flat or small home. 12.0m² 3.0m X 3.5m X 2.75m $660.00
¾ Garage upper level unit 2-3 bedroom home with extras. 15.0m² 3.0m X 5.0m X 2.75m $750.00
¾ Garage high volume ground floor Ideal for large quantities of boxes or bundles of goods (clothing or fabrics). With the added height you can do so much more. 15.0m² 3.0m X 5.0m X 3.5m $880.00
Single garage ground level unit 3-4 bedroom house with space to spare easy access. 18.0m² 3.0m X 6.0m X 2.75m $880.00
1½ Garages unit - Under Construction Good for small 4-5 bedroom home. 27.0m² 3.0m X 9.0m $1300.00
Double garage unit Double garage unit 4-6 bedroom house complete and so much more. 36.0m² 6.0m X 6.0m $1600.00


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